Content Marketing Solutions for the Health & Wellness Industries

We know that you’d rather be helping your clients and patients than writing articles and sending marketing emails. That’s why we provide you with relevant, ready-to-go health and wellness marketing content and a simple, modern platform to help you launch automated communications.

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Standard Content

We ensure that brand new professionally written Standard Content articles launch with every edition of your email newsletter.

Content Library

We also give you a stocked Content Library with additional articles designed to generate leads and reach your target markets.


Template Options

Our Content Library also houses hundreds of templates that can be used to create custom newsletter articles or OnTarget email blasts.

What Health & Wellness Articles Are Your Contacts Reading?

Every two weeks, we provide informative articles for our clients’ Health & Wellness email newsletter campaigns. This launch cycle the article titled “4 Reasons to Give Yoga a Try” was a clear winner with the highest click-through activity. To get an idea of the type of content we provide, scroll down to look through our content categories. You can also read the article itself by clicking the button below.

Standard Content

Standard Articles launch automatically with each edition of your newsletter. Our Standard Content is written on a variety of topics that will be of interest to your customers, prospects, and referral sources.

Plus, we give you the option to exclude any Standard Article at will with one simple click.

Check out examples of our professionally written articles below to get an idea of the type of content you could be sharing in your email newsletters.

Many people are unaware that chemicals and harmful additives exist in many common products. Our articles offer a wide range of helpful information, including how to make healthier choices when it comes to beauty products.
HealthActions Standard Content health and wellness Article
What constitutes a “healthy lifestyle” is often subject to debate. Our articles can offer your readers the information they need to make educated choices when it comes to their own health.
HealthActions Standard Content health and wellness Article
Stress management is a subject that many people struggle with on a daily basis. We provide articles with helpful tips to give your readers useful tips to help with managing stress.
HealthActions Standard Content health and wellness Article
Mundane activities, like gardening, are more beneficial than most people would think. With articles like the one below, you can share practical everyday health tips to promote wellness.
HealthActions Standard Content health and wellness Article

Content Library

Our Content Library is your writer’s block solution. Access our Content Library and choose from a variety of categories to augment your email newsletter communications, including healthy eating tips, physical health, psychological health, and other topics related to health and wellness.

Shopping for the best ingredients can be a hassle. Give your readers the information they need to be smart consumers when it comes to picking the best ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.

Simply getting your sleeping schedule in order can noticeably improve your health. With our articles, you can share this health tip and many others with your readers.

A contaminant-free environment is vital to a healthy lifestyle. With our articles, you can offer your readers the information they need to limit their exposure to pollution, pesticides, non-organic chemicals and other contanimants they may come in contact with in their daily lives.

Certain foods can have positive effects on your health. With our articles, you can share the health benefits of different ingredients with your readers, giving them the tools they need to get started on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.

OnTarget Email Blast Tool & Built-In Templates

The HealthActions OnTarget email blast feature allows you to send time-sensitive announcements, product features, news or updates. We’ll also automatically track links in the body of your OnTarget email in your reporting dashboard so you can follow the results of your launches. We know some announcements just can’t wait for your bi-weekly newsletter launches. That’s why we created our OnTarget email blast tool to help you reach your entire database anytime you need. OnTarget messages are also pre-formatted to automatically include your newsletter’s graphics, website links, social media links and contact information, making it a breeze to build a new message.

OnTarget Template Options

Hundreds of email blast templates in over a dozen different categories are available for use in your marketing communications. Here are several examples, including a special offer template, an event template, and holiday templates.

Simple, robust email marketing to help you grow your business

With built-in content, automated email newsletter launches and top-notch customer support, HealthActions delivers the marketing tools you need.